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Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Books Received

Horse-Handling Skills at a Glance

Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Handling and Grooming
By Charni Lewis
Storey Publishing, North Adams, MA, September 2007
$24.95 Paper

Storey's Barn Guide to Horse Handling and Grooming is the perfect combination of invaluable information and a convenient, accessible format.

The third in Storey's series of practical barn guides (including Storey's Barn Guide to Horse + First Aid), this at-a-glance reference to handling and grooming skills is designed to be user-friendly and practical. The nail-hole at the top of each two-page spread allows the book to hang on a barn wall and serve as a hands-free visual reference.

The guide's author is Charni Lewis, of Altadena, CA, a trainer and instructor at Flintridge Riding Club, Pasadena, CA.