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Monday, 9 July 2007

Oh, Boy'd!

Watch for Falling Stars

Philadelphia:-- The old Boyd Theatre, across from the Wm Penn House in Chestnut Street at 19th Street, is now closed. Originally, when built in the 1920's. it was a cinema palace, a common construction at the time. Think Eddie Cantor. More recently, it was the Sam Eric. Multiple screens. Think Arnold. No loss, that.

Part of the old cinema space is being now carved out for retail. The word on the street buzzes 'Old Navy.' The main screen space remains dark.

But some immediate attention to that area also seems necessary -- namely, because of a marquee that, uhm, graces the Art Deco theatre entrance. The overhead marquee seems be of the same vintage as the original threatre. Old! And rotting. And rusting. And, seemingly, ready to crash.

It's time that the marquee be removed. A safety measure, to be sure. An aesthetic one, as