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Saturday, 28 July 2007

Arthur Kennedy, Actor

Warm Spot

Arthur Kennedy, the well-known actor, Worcester native, and graduate of Worcester Academy, is 62 and living on 284-acre sheep farm in Nova Scotia. The last time Kennedy was in Worcester was about six years ago to attend a cousin's funeral.

Kennedy remembers the year, 1933, when he left to city on a 'permanent basis,' departing for schooling at Carnegie Tech in Pittsburgh.

'Worcester was staid. In those days, you got the feeling that [the city] didn't offer young people very much. There wasn't much opportunity in those days. Worcester was fairly dull, quite frankly,' Kennedy said.

Still, Kennedy went on:

'We had a hell of alot of fun in those days. I was crazy about baseball. I remember skating in Elm Park. It was alot of fun. None of us [his family] regretted growing up in Worcester.

'But even in those days, I wanted to live on a farm. I've never cottoned to city life. I was always trying to get in the country.

'The teachers I had I still remember vividly. They were wonderful. They always had a great deal of influence over me -- especially at Worcester Academy.

'The public schools in those days had a very high standard. I hope they still do. I think we were lucky.

'I still have a warm spot for Worcester. The ties are pretty strong.'
--- RDC

(This article was written in 1978. This is its first publicaton).