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Sunday, 2 April 2006

If Only They Were Swiss...

Greed I

DEAR Friend,
I did like to send to you the best wishes of good health and success in your pursuits particularly through my proposal as contained in this letter. I am Mrs. Mariam Abacha,the widow of the late Gen.Sani Abacha former Nigerian Military Head of State who died mysteriously as a result of Cardiac Arrest. Since after my husband s death my family is> under restriction of movement and that not> withstanding,we are being molested,policed and> our Bank Account both here and abroad are being> frozen by the Nigerian Civilian> Government.Furthermore,my elder son was in> detention by the Nigerian Government for more> interrogation about my husband s assets and> some vital documents.Following the recent> discovery of my husband s Bank Account by the> Nigerian Government with Swiss Bank in which> the huge sum of US$700 Million and DM450> Million was logged.I therefore decided to> contact you in confidence as a foreigner as our> other family friends gave up to the government> our funds with them. but I was able to move out> the sum of US$28.6m Dollars,sealed in two Metal> Boxes for security reasons.I therefore> personally,appeal to you seriously and> religiously for your urgent assistance to move> this money into your country where I believe it> will be safe since I cannotleave the country> due to the restriction of movement imposed on> the members of my family by the Nigerian> Government. You can contact me through my email> address as above and I shall ask my son> MUSTAPHA to come over to your country to liaise> with you towards effective completion of this> transaction. However,as soon as you indicate> your interest my son shall send you the Air-Way> Bill of the Luggage and other related > documents so that you can help to claim the> Luggage and subsequently transfer to your> personal or company s account. Conclusively,we> have agreed to offer you 20% of the total> sum,why 80% is to be held on trust by you> until we can decide on a suitable business> investment in your country subsequent to our> free movement by the Nigerian Government. So> please reply urgently and treat with absolute> confidentiality . I want this transaction to at> most two weeks from now so you just need you to> collect the consignment for my family so try as> soon as possible to get back to me so that i> can know my faith.> > Best Regards,you can reach me> at(ma_aba45@XXXXX.com > > MARIAM ABACHA.> > > > - maria abacha> >