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Tuesday, 3 January 2006

Provide Wireless Hazardous Gas Sensor & Detector

We can provide device to detect and report hazardous gas such as:

Hydrogen sulfide(H2S) 0-100 ppm
Formaldehyde(HCHO) 0-100 ppm
Carbon monoxide(CO) 250-5000 ppm
Fluorine gas(F2) 0-1 ppm
Acetylene(C2H2) 0-100%LEL
Carbon dioxide(CO2) 0-50000 ppm
Sulfur dioxide(SO2) 0-100 ppm
Nitrogen dioxide(NO2)0-30 ppm
Chlorinedioxide(CLO2) 0-3 ppm

With 4-20mA standard output and low power consumption (less than 30mA),
the detecting sensor can report to controller wirelessly by embedded RF
module.Also, the sensor can by powered by battery as a stand-alone without

The sensors is protected by explosion proof housing

Hotline: 86 755 88832548
Contact: Mr.Ling / YADA INC.