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Tuesday, 31 August 2004

Yet More Yanx W/out Med Cover

The number of people without health insurance rose by 1.4-million, to a record 45 million last year, amid rising costs for coverage and a continuing fall-off in the number of workers in employer-sponsored health plans, the United States Census Bureau reported yesterday. -- 27 August 2004, The New York Times.
America's Failing Health
By Paul Krugman
In most advanced countries, the government provides everyone with health insurance. In America, however, the government offers insurance only if you're elderly (Medicare) or poor (Medicaid). Otherwise, you're expected to get private health insurance....
The fact is that the mainly private U.S. health-care system spends far more than the mainly public health-care systems of other advanced countries, but gets worse results....
Does this mean that American system is wrong, and we should switch to a Canadian-style single-payer system? Well, yes.... -- 27 August 2004, The New York Times.

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